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Your partner in impact protection

Company specialized in developing new customized impact absorption solutions for the aeronautic and aerospace and other sectors.

Space Debris.

With decades of space travel, our orbit became a junkyard of debris, with pieces of broken satellites, parts of missile tests, and explosions. This debris is moving up to 30 thousand kilometres per hour, making even the smaller debris a risk to loose functionalities like global communication, GPS and navigation, weather collecting data, asteroids and scientific findings, by impacting to our working satellites. To insure this doesn’t happen we created the Impact2Space.


Impact2Space (I2S), an effective and protective material solution for objects that suffer high impact forces, either continuously or in an isolated occurrence.

The Impact two Space is an absorb material, flexible, ease to apply, good thermal characteristics and light that improves the level of protection against debris, by increasing the life span of the satellite and reduce their maintenance.

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