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Nélson Oliveira


Our Solution.

Space Engineer offer a novel alternative product, Impact2Space (I2S), a composite build based proprietary shear thickening fluids, : it has superior impact protection, lighter then aluminium and when combined with Kevlar or Dyneema, can overcome the properties of these fibres. 

Impact2Space (I2S), an effective and protective material solution for objects that suffer high impact forces, either continuously or in an isolated occurrence.

Impact2Space is a high-performance material, thinner, lighter and stronger than most shock materials currently in the market. Its features allow its use in a wide range of applications, like in aircraft, helicopters (or airplanes/ aircrafts), wind turbines and drones, as a protection against impact loading of bird strikes and hostile climates; in satellites as a protective material against the impact of cosmic dust and orbital debris.

Our mission.

SE aims to license I2S to manufactures of aircrafts and satellites, through a collaborative synergy that allows customized development of the I2S’ material according to the customer needs.

Its product I2S, a high-performance material, light-weighted, easy to apply with high shock absorption abilities. It can be applied in a wide range of products, from aircraft (primary application) to satellites, vehicles and clothing.

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